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Art Jakubowitz

Assistant Superintendent Special Education


Tamar Walker 

Supervisor, Elementary Schools


Dr. Dovid Berkowitz

Supervisor, Clinical Services


Dr. Liz Cohen

Supervisor, Case Management and Non-Public Schools


Christine Healy

Coordinator, Health Services


Ilene Balavram

CPSE Chairperson (secy. at 577-6042)


Phyllis Levy

CPSE Chairperson (secy. at 577-6042)


Jeanine Parnell

Supervisor, Secondary



All children who are educationally disabled are entitled by law to special education and/or related services that will meet their needs. Special Education assures that each student will have a free and appropriate education.  It provides classified students with teachers specially trained in individualized teaching techniques, the use of special materials and the adaptation of standard materials.

In East Ramapo, we offer a full continuum of services to our classified students. Special Education programs are provided in various types of settings throughout the district. Placement is the location that has been determined to be the least restrictive environment for a given student.

Section 504

Section 504 is a civil rights act which prohibits discrimination against individuals with physical or mental disabilities who attend public or private schools funded with public dollars. Click here for Section 504 Information