The Maya played a game called Pok-ta-tok. It was a ball game, the ball they used was a five pound  solid rubber ball. They could use their forearms and thighs to pass and hit the ball. The object of the game was to get the ball into the hoops on either sides of the ball court.

The Aztecs played a ball game with basically the same rules and objective, it is called Tlachtli. Players in both pok-ta-tok and tlachtli used to wear pads but were still injured and even killed. Still  there is a big difference, in tlachtli you can use every body part but your hands.

The Aztecs also played a board game called Patolli. The object of the game is to get six pebbles across the board. To determine how far to move, beans with white dots on them were rolled. In the game of Patolli people would place bets that were very high. They bet homes, property, jewels, slaves and sometimes even themselves into slavery.