K. Siddi



A.  Course Description

· The AP Environmental Science course is designed to be the equivalent of an introductory university course in environmental science.  It is an incredibly interesting, complex, and applicable science that is constantly changing and expanding.  It has been developed to be a rigorous laboratory science course that stresses scientific principles, processes and analysis, while also providing opportunities to explore the many social, political, economic, and ethical issues that are relevant to the environmental topics studied.

· All students are expected to take the AP Examination in Environmental Science in May. (May 2, 2011)

· The primary theme for this course will be: What can we learn from our planet to guide our future?”

· The following themes provide a foundation for the course:

1.    Science is a process.

2.   Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes.

3.   The Earth itself is one interconnected system.

4.   Humans alter natural systems.

5.   Environmental problems have a cultural and social context.

6.   Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems.