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At Chestnut Ridge Middle School, the student population grows more diverse by the day. Income levels, ethnicities, family structures, first languages, interests, and abilities vary so much, that a traditional teaching approach, with a uniform lesson targeted to the average-level student, just doesn't cut it.

To challenge and support each student at his or her own level, the librarian is using digital-technology tools. The Library Media Center is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, a Tech Zone of twenty-eight Internet-enabled computers. Plus, teachers have access to gadgets including digital cameras, Nook e-readers and Flip cameras.

Aim: To teach our students to think critically, to recognize moral choices, to make their voices heard and to become respectful members of the community.  

The Role of the Library Media Specialist

To Teach Information Research Skills

Research skills involve the ability to pick out reliable sources from an overwhelming heap of misinformation, to find relevant material amid an infinite array of options, to navigate the shifting ethics of creative commons and intellectual property rights and to present conclusions in a manner that engages modern audiences.

The role of the librarian today is to teach students how to find and evaluate the information they need on the Internet as well as teach how to check a source's date, an author or citations. Finally students need to learn  to critique or contextualize the answers they get from the web.


"The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information." Our mission is helping students use information and technology to be prepared for their future.

  Information Power Guidelines for 21st Century Learning


  • To implement, enrich, and support the curriculum.
  • To support Chestnut Ridge Middle School's reading programs by encouraging all students to read for enrichment and recreation.
  • To improve research skills
  • To foster teacher collaboration
  • To provide printand non-print materials to meet the varied needs of our school community.

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