Thursday, December 5th, 2019

 Review Videos by Unit: 

(Courtesy of Hommocks Middle School Science Department & Veritasium)

Intro to Earth Science  (*** Means it is very important to know***)
Scientific Notation 
Latitude/Longitude ***
Slope Steepness on Topo Maps
Stream Direction on Topo Maps***
How To Find the Steepest Slope on Topo Maps
How to Draw a Topographic Profile***
Calculating Gradient ***
Latitude/Longitude of NYS 
How to Find Highest Possible Elevation on a Topo Map 
NYS Landscapes
NYS Landscapes ESRT (Pg 2)***

Rocks and Minerals
Properties of Minerals
Minerals ESRT (Pg 16)***
Mineral Characteristics 
Properties of Igneous Rocks 
Igneous ESRT (Pg 6)***
Percentage of Minerals Pg. 6 ESRT
Properties of Metamorphic Rocks 
Metamorphic Rocks ESRT (Pg 7)***
Properties of Sedimentary Rocks 
Sedimentary Rocks ESRT (Pg 7)***
The Rock Cycle ESRT (Pg 6)***

Plate Tectonics 
Continental Drift 
Convection Currents Demonstrations 
Divergent Plate Boundaries
Convergent Plate Boundaries 
Transform Boundaries/Mantle Hot Spots 
Tectonic Plates ESRT***
Earth's Interior
P and S Wave ESRT (Pg 11)***

Surface Processes
Physical Weathering
Erosional Characteristics 
Wind and Water Erosion 
Ocean Erosion 
Gravity Erosion 
Water Velocity Chart ESRT (Pg 6)*** 
Characteristics of Glaciers

Geologic History 
Earth's History 
Geologic Timeline ESRT (Pg 8)***
Geologic Timeline ESRT (pg 9)***
How Pages 2,3,8 & 9 All Relate to Geologic History ESRT***
NYS Index Fossil ESRT (Pg 1)
Radioactive Decay 
Radioactive Decay Data ESRT (Pg 1)***

Layers of the Atmosphere 
Structure of the Atmosphere ESRT (Pg 14)***
Energy Transfer and Interactions 
The Greenhouse Effect***
Weather Variables***
Weather Relationships***
Air Pressure
Relative Humidity And Dewpoint***
Global Winds ESRT (Pg 14)***
Using A Sling Psychrometer
Pressure Demonstrations
Pressure and Temperature Conversions ESRT (Pg 13)***

Station Models ESRT (Pg 13)***
Hurricanes and Tornadoes 
Climatic Conditions

Oceans/Water Cycle
Ocean Currents ESRT (Pg 4)***
Properties of Water ESRT (Pg 1)***
Phase Changes
The Water Cycle***
Groundwater Zones
Porosity and Permeability***
Groundwater Relationships

The Moon
Drawing Ellipses
Earth's Rotation***
The Solar System 
ESRT Pg 15- Solar System Data ***
ESRT Pg 15- Characteristics of Stars ***
The Universe