Here are Interesting facts about cookies

Did you know the top 10 selling commerical cookies in the U.S. are:

  1. Nabisco Oreo
  2. Nabisco Chips Ahoy
  3. Nabisco Oreo Double Stuff
  4. Pepperidge Farm Milano
  5. Private Label Chocolate Chip
  6. Little Debbie Nutty Bar
  7. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream
  8. Nabisco Chips Ahoy Chewy
  9. Nabisco Nilla Vanilla Wafers
  10. Private Label Sandwich Cookies

Did you know Early American tinsmiths began making cookie cutters by hand back in the 1700s.

Did you know cookie cutters were introduced to America by the Dutch and the German.

Did you know the official state cookie of both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania is the chocolate chip cookie.

Did you know the U.S. leads the world as the biggest cookie bakers and eaters, spending more than $550 million annually on Oreos alone.

Did you know the Oreo, the best-selling cookie of the 20th century, was developed and introduced by the American company Nabisco, in 1912.

Did you know Cookies were first made in Persia around 7a.d.(Persia is now Iran)


You will most likely going to eat more than 35,000 cookies in your lifetime.

Did you know The first fortune cookie was made in America but the fortune cookie is really a Japanese tradition.

Did you know Ruth Wakefield accidently created chocolate chip cookies.

Did you know There are thousands of different types of cookies arong the world.

Cookie Names In Other Countries Below!!!!!!!

  • Biscuits-England and Australia
  • Galletas-Spain
  • Keks or Platzchen-Germany
  • Amaretti or Biscotti-Italy
  • Koekje-Dutch
  • Bis Coctum-Latin

Half the cookies baked in America homes each year are chocolate chip cookies.



cookies can come in all sizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know the first cookie commercial in the U.S. was the Animal Cracker, introduced in 1902.