Career Website: Aim


What considerations do web designers make to create themes in their site designs?

How do artists group color together to create color harmony in their work?

What graphic design skills are needed to create images that express the theme of the content?

What career opportunities exist for students interested in pursuing a career in art, design, technology or other areas?

What is the nature of the work, qualifications needed, projected job outlook, earnings, and related occupations in the various fields?


Construct a website about the career you chose to research. Design a website header and background that expresses the theme of the career. 

Include sources used to get the information by including links to sites.


Here is a sample site created in Google Sites using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Graphic Design.

Graphic designers create artwork using photography, illustrations, color and type to communicate a message. These designs are often found in newspapers and magazines. They also produce packages and brochures.

Graphic designers usually need bachelor's degree in graphic design or fine arts. Students study studio art, principles of design, computerized design, and web design. Designers can also go to school for 2 years to earn an associates degree. 

There where about 286,100 graphic design jobs in 2008. The field of graphic design is expected to grow 13 percent by the year 2018, as demand increases from advertisers and computer firms. Web design skills will be important as demand increases for designs for mobile devices, websites, and other technologies.

There is a projected 13 percent increase in the demand for graphic designers by the year 2018, from 286,100 to 323,100 an increase of 36,900 jobs.

The average graphic designer makes about $42,000 a year, with the highest earners making about $75,000 annually and the lowest less than $26,000.

Other professions related to graphic design include fashion designers, floral designers, interior designers and industrial designers.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Graphic design.