Photoshop Tools Magic Wand Selection

Aim: What technology tools and skills do designers need create a collage in Photoshop? Selecting an object from an image using photoshop is a common task in Photoshop. There are several ways to go about this, the most basic way is to use the Magic Wand.

Open File

Find an image that has a blank background or a single color. Select Magic Wand from the Tool list and click on the background.

Unlock Background

Unlock the Background in the Layers Window by double clicking the little lock and clicking OK to the New Layer prompt.

Wand Tool

A dotted line will move around the selected area, this is known as Marching Ants. Tap the Delete Key to remove the selected area.

Change the DPI to 300

Select Image Size to change the Resolution or DPI (Dots Per Inch) from 72 to 300. A DPI of 72 is ideal for web, while 300 is needed for a good print. 

Create new document

Create a new document and chnge the preset to U.S. Paper, this is  8.5 x 11. Check that the DPI or Resolution is 300.

Drag the image

Drag the item into the new document.

Drag the picture