Google Sites Background


Your now going to place your background image onto your website. From your start up page, click Edit sidebar. The image needs to be a jpg, so you need to optimize the image in Photoshop or Illustrator. To do this select Save for web in the File menu. For more information about this go to Preparing Images page on our classroom website.


You'll be directed to the Google site Manage window, similar to the window displayed on the right. Select Colors and Fonts at the bottom left of the window as shown, select Page background image, and click on the Choose File window. From the dialog box that appears, navagate to the document you are going to place in your background.


Explore the various options for the way your image repeats on the screen as you scroll down or enlarge the window. It often takes several modifications of the image in Illustrator or Photoshop to get it just right. Each time, Save image for web, and replace the old version with the new one. When your finished be sure to select Save Changes in the Manage window.