Google Sites

Create Site

Google Sites offers a free and simple way to begin creating a website. Though it has some limitations, it will provide you with basic structure of your website. To begin create an iGoogle account following the instructions on the Google Account page. When creating your account use the same password that you normally use.


From the iGoogle homepage click the "more" drop down menu and select Sites as shown in the picture to the right.

You'll be directed to the the page titled "Create new site" where you will choose a template, name your site, choose a theme, and type in a code. Following the directions below will start you on your way to creating your new site.

Titles, Templates, & Themes

Choose the template Blank Template, this will enable you to incorporate your own design in the background.

Name your site: We will be creating several web sites, for the first one I suggest using your own name. This will help you establish your online identity and secure a google site with your name.

Choose a theme: Click the little plus sign next to the heading to view the different themes available. To cusomize the site the way we'd like select "Blank Slate". Type the code shown in the field provided and click create site.

Google Sites

After clicking Create site you'll be directed to a page similar to the one shown here. For instant access, be sure to bookmark your site in the bookmarks toolbar. From here go to the Google Site Background to begin your web design.