Ivette Herrera
  • Unit 1

    4 weeks


    Grammatical Components

    • Present tense of verb salir
    • Comparatives of  equality using tan...como
    • Superlatives using mas and menos + definite article
    • Direct Object Pronouns lo, la, los, las
    • Present tense of tener, traer, conocer. 


    • There are major differences between schools and education in the US and in Spanish speaking countries. 

    Unit 2

    6 weeks

     Daily Routines
    • Review (o>ue), (e>ie) stem changing verbs
    • Stem changing reflexive verbs in the present  tense: acostarse, vestirse, despertarse
    • Antes de/despues de
    • Reflexive verbs/parts of the body
    • Extra curricular activities in Spanish speaking countries and the US differ.
    • Daily routines of students in Spanish speaking countries and the US differ.

    Unit 3

    6 weeks


    Clothing and Shopping
    • Review numbers related to making a purchase.
    • Review the verbs costar and valer.
    • Preterit tense of regular ar, er, and ir vebs.
    • Spelling change yo forms of gar and car verbs in the preterit tense.
    • Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.
    • The demonstrative adjective aquel.
    • Comparatives using tan... como, tanto (a, os, as)...como
    • Clothing styles and sizes differ among Spanish speaking countries and the US.
    • There are different forms of currency used in Spanish speaking countries.

    Unit 4

    6 weeks

    School Activities and Sports
    • Preterite tense of ir and ser.
    • The irregular preterite forms of hacer, poder, tener, and tener que + infinitive.
    • The present tense of saber.
    • Review the present tense of conocer.
    • Preterite tense of reflexive verbs.
    • The works of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo reflect Mexican history, culture, and their personal lives.
    • Discuss professional latino athletes.

    Unit 5

    6 weeks

    • Imperfect tense of regular ar, er, and ir verbs.
    • The use of habia for there was, were or used to be.
    • The irregular verbs ir, ser, and ver in the imperfect tense
    • Some famous Hispanic Athletes overcame childhood challenges and succeeded as professionals.
    • Jose Marti s later life was affected by his childhood  experiences.


    Unit 6

    6 weeks

    • The stem-changing e>i preterite verbs servir and pedir.
    • The irregular preterite forms of the verb dar.
    • Imperfect tense for description and repetitive action in the past.
    • Reflexive reciprocals, se and nos.
    • Carnaval is celebrated in South America and the Caribbean in conjunction with the Catholic tradition of Lent.
    • Some holiday traditions that exist in Spanish speaking countries have been adapted here in the United States (such as the luminaries for Christmas).
    • Pinatas are used  in many Latin American celebrations.