Ivette Herrera
  • Overview


The curricula for Spanish II, IIH, III and IIIH follow the grammatical and lexical sequence of the textbook series "Paso a Paso".

Each curriculum document incorporates topics from the existing curriculum units, which were based upon NYS LOTE Syllabus and Learning Standards.  The curricula reflect the outcome based thrust of NYS syllabus which embeds grammatical mastery within the parameters of contextualized language tasks. The Functions, Situations, Topics and Proficiencies of this two year curricula reflect the Learning Outcomes for Checkpoint B.

The curriculum document specifically outlines the topics, objectives, concepts, grammatical / lexical components, activities and materials that need to be included for the successful completion of each unit of study.

For each unit, the textbook series introduces:

  • two sets of vocabulary words entitled: "Vocabulario para conversar"
  • a cultural perspective
  • grammar in context 

It is highly recommended that teachers introduce:

  • the first group of lexical components from "Vocabulario para conversar"
  • using the prescribed activities and materials as a means of driving  the topics and the objectives.
  • the cultural concepts by referring to "Perspectiva Cultural"
  • the grammatical components using the prescibed objectives, activities and materials
  • the prescribed grammatical concepts which provide the students with the enduring understanding of the use of grammar in the Spanish language.

The teachers have provided numbers in the materials that  correspond to New York State Regents Speaking Tasks.  The tasks correspond to the specific units of study and should be implemented on a consistent basis throughout the section of the Regents Examination.