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  • Pontiac was an Ottawa chief who led a Native American revolt against the British soon after the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
  • Pontiac was born in a village on the Detroit River in about 1714.
  • Pontiac eventually became the principal chief of the combined Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi peoples. His name derives from the Ottawa Obwéndiyag.

Settlement: Where did the Ottawa Tribe live?

  • Most Ottawa Indian people live in their original homeland in southern Ontario and Michigan State .
  • After they set up villages near the Maumee River, a short distance from todats Toledo, Ohio.
  • The Ottawa Tribe also lived in the west of the Appalachian Mountains.


Food: Are you wondering what they ate? And no, they didn't have supermarkets in those times.

  • Ottawa women grew crops of corn, beans, and squash.
  • Ottawa men hunted deer and small game and went fishing in their canoes.
  • Ottawa Indian foods included cornbread and soups.
  • They also ate baked raccoons, Lake trout and wild leek bake and easy venison roll-ups.



  • The Ottawa tribe lived in the present-day Ohio. 
  • They lived in the north-western area and lived in a very rugged and mountanious area.
  • The mountains did not make farming any more different because they lived near both the Detroit and the Maumee rivers and had lots of fertile land.


Tools, Art, and Trade Products:

  • Ottawa hunters and warriors used bows and arrows, clubs, and hide shields.
  • Ottawa artists are known for their beadwork and basketry.
  • They traded with other Native Americans and eventually with the French.
  • They coexisted well trading furs for supplies like good, guns, ammunition and tobacco.


  • They gave sacrifices and believed in spirits.
  • They also belived in spiritual healing and shamans.
  • They were polytheistic.


  • The Ottawa tribe wore buskin clothing.
  • Women usually wore long dresses with sleeeves.
  • Sometimes they wore leather headbands with feathers standing up in the back.


  • Each Ottawa tribe lives on its reservation.
  • Each Ottawa tribe is politically independent and has its own government laws etc.
  • Ottawa chiefs were men chosen by tribal concilmembers of ten from among the last cheif's son or someone related.


Pontiacs Rebellion was a war launched in 1763 by North American Indians who were dissatisfied with British policies in the Great Lakes Region after the british victory in the French and Indian War. Pontiac died in 1769. According to some reports, he was killed in a fight during a wild celebration.  Other accounts say that the british bribed an Indian to murder him.  To this day, people are still unsure of what really happened to him....

Shelter: No, they did not live in apartments in those times if that is what you are wondering.
  • Ottawa people lived in different kinds of houses.
  • Some of them lived in wigwams.
  • Some of them also lived in longhouses and sweat lodges
  • Today, Native Americans only build a wigwam for fun or to connect with their heritage.