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Seminole Indians

Seminole Indians


  • During the second Seminole War, the Seminoles and the Miccosukee moved deeper into the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades.




  • Seminole Indians were once part of a Creek Tribe that lived in Southern Georgia, Oklahoma and Alabama.
  •  When Europeans took over their land, they forced some Indians to become slaves and forced the others to move down south. As a result they ended up in the state of Florida.



  • The Seminole Indians made cabins out of logs and started farming .
  • They also used little houses made of plaster and wood called Chickees for sleeping, cooking, and eating together.



  • Men fished in lakes
  • Men also used muskets to hunt deer
  • Women raised crops and livestock


Religion :

· The Green Corn Ceremony is a traditional renewal with the whole tribe.

· The "Stomp Dance" is part of the Green Corn Ceremony.


Government :

  • Seminoles had a form of  democratic government.
  • After the Seminole wars, the democratic government did not work. Since the democratic government didn't work, they formed a clan which is a group of related family members. They picked one leader and his name was Osceola.  

 Example:  Some of the families nick names were Panther and Wildcat. Those families represented the Green Corn Dance.


Tools, Art, and Trade Products :

  • Trade Products: Skins, fur, bees wax, honey and bear oil was traded to the Spanish for coffee, sugar, tobacco, and liquors.

  • Tools: Seminole Indian's used muskets to hunt deer. They also dug out canoes to fish.

  • Art: Women were given a necklace that covers the women's neck up to her ears and chin.


Clothing :

· Men had worn heavy buck skin and leather clothing.

· Women wore a very full, floor length skirt. The skirt had designs of stripes and argyle 

· The woman's blouses were very short. They were barely covering their chest.

· To top off the outfit the Seminole women put on as many strings of glass necklaces they can afford and moccasins (type of shoes).