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Ancient Algonquins

Ancient Algonquins

By: Ugochi & Aizha 


Tools, art, and trade products

  • Wampum  - These certain types of tools were used as a commucation system between other tribes.
  • Beadwork - The Algonquins usually used beadwork to symbolize the tribe they are from or how high power they have in their tribe. (warriors, chiefs, women, e.t.c.)
  • Basketry
  • Bows - Algonquins made bows out of animal bones and/or wood.
  • Arrows - Algonquin arrows were also made out of bone and wood materials which were sharpened by rocks, bark, and other surroundings. 
  • Spears - Algonquins created their spears from animals with big bones like mammoths.  
  • Knives - They made their knives from
  • Traps -Ancient Algonquins made traps to hunt deer and other wild animals.

    **Bows, arrows, spears, and knives were all used to hunt and kill game**



The Algonquins wore:

  • Moccasins
  • Breechcloths
  • Leggings (worn under many clothes) 
  • Girls - Long Dresses
  • Warriors - Mohawks
  • Tattoos (many warriors wore certain tattoos to symbolize what tribes they are from or how much power they carry.)
  • Jewelry made from different types of animals teeth, which were sharpened and slipped onto a string.
  • Both men and women usually wore a long braid in their hair.
  • Some warriors wore a headress called a porcupine roach with a feather(s) in it. They then dyed a certain color to represent a part of themselves.  **Note: these porcupine roaches were made of the hair of a porcupines not the quills!** 


Shelter: What they used for housing

  • Some ancient algonquins lived in hunting camps near places that they hunted game.
  • The traditional house that the algonquins usually settled in were called wigwams ((waginogans))
  • They also used Agriculture it was useful. 
  • Farming ((Hunting: only in areas that weren't able to include farming.))


Settlement: Where they set up their villages

  • Ancient Algonquins usually settled upon flat areas like, Plains and other farm like lands.
  • They also on large fields so they can plant for there was no need to hunt.
  • Ancient Algonquins hunted in large groups so they each hunter can be protected by one another if attacked by anything harmful.
  • They lived in houses called wigwams or wiginogans
  • Many hunted in tribes or just in large groups.


Religion and Customs

  • Ancient Algonquin's cultures included spiritual practices and beliefs such as, worshiping the land they lived upon or creating certain ways to communicate with different spirits. 
  • Ancient Algonquin children were taught about their religious beliefs around the age of 7.
  • Ancient Algonquins used things such as dreamcatchers, to ward off bad spirits.
  • They put dreamcatchers up in their houses and also in the rooms where they went to sleep so; the spirits wouldn't mess with them while they're sleeping. 



The types of foods the Ancient Algonquins included in their were:

  • Fish and Meat
  • Berries and Fruits
  • Corn
  • Wild Plants
  • Maple Syrup from Tree Sap



  • Each Algonquin tribe had it's own reserve which was legally under that tribes control.
  • Each tribe was known as a band or First Nation. Each tribe was independent, which means they had their own secured laws, government, police, (cheifs or ogima/ogema in their language and time) and services.
  • The ogima was chosen by the council members incharge of the tribe.
  • The ogima was usually passed on to the last ogima's son, nephew, or son-in-law.


Algonquin Geography

  • Tribes stretch across eastern North America, Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, North Canada, and South Carolinas.
  • They also stretched from the east coast, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Pennyslyvania.
  • Many of the Algonquin tribes inhabited the upper region of Georgia.

**There are and were many Algonquin Tribes that lived and still lives all around the world**