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By: Quamel & Calvin


Mohawk Clothing

  • In the Mohawk tribe the men wore breech cloths and leggings.
  • The women in the tribe wore a wraparound shirt with shorter leggings than the men.
  • The Mohawk Indians did not wear long headdresses like the Sioux.
  • The men wore feathered headdresses like the Iroquois.
  • The women wore beaded tiaras.
  • During wars the men shaved their heads or they left a crest or a mohawk.
  • The women did not usually shave their heads. The women only shaved their heads when they were in mourning. Other than that time women wore their hair long and out or in a big braid.

    Mohawk Homes

  •   The longhouse were 150 feet long 20 feet wide and 20 feet high.
  • Inside the longhouse, there were raised platforms that created a second story, which was used for sleeping space. Mats and wood screens divided the longhouse into separate rooms.
  • A single longhouse could hold up to 60 people to a whole tribe.


  •  The Mohawk nation had a tribal council governed by the clan mothers.
  •  But they also were governed by the Iroquois Great Council.
  •  Only nine people in the Mohawk Council are represented in the Iroquois Great Council.
  •  Though they were partcially governed by the Iroquois, they were autonomous, which means that they have the right to have their own laws and government. 


  • In Mohawk villages, the people used a bow and arrows for hunting
  • Fishermen used spears and fishing poles to fish. 
  •  During war men used bow, arrows, clubs, spears, and sheilds as weapons. 
  •  Other tools the Mohawk people used were flint knives (for skinnning animals) and wooden hoes for farming.


Mohawk Settlement/Enviroment

  •   The Mohawk Native American lived on flat land near rivers and forests .
  •    Places like these were ideal locations because of the open land for farming. The forests  was used for hunting and the rivers were used for fishing and water.
  •  They set up large walls to protect theirselves.
  • Within the walls they set up about 5 long houses.



  • The Mohawks beleived in Iroquois mythology.
  • The Iroquois mythology contained, such things as how Hahgwehdiyu was the creator of God.
  • The way they believed he was the creator of god was that he planted a single maize plant in his mother's body. That one plant grew and was a gift to mankind
  • Atahensic (his mother) was a sky goddess who fell to Earth during its creation.
  • Atahensic died during childbirth and became the goddess of pregnacy, fertility and feminine skills.


  • The Mohawk tribe was also called Kanienkehaka.
  • Their homeland was further south, in New York
  • The Mohawks belong to the Iroquois Confederation, or the Hodendosaunee
  • In the 17th century, the Mohawk people became friends with the Dutch at Fort Orange
  • The Dutch equipped the Mohawk to go to war with French allies
  • On November 11, 1794, the representatives or the Mohawk tribe signed the Treaty of Canandaigua with the United States
  • In presaent day, Mohawk people are spread out through most of New York
  • They also settle in southeastern Canada
  • Many Mohawk communities have two cheifs that are in some way, rivals
  • Since the 1980's, Mohawk politics have been driven by factional disputes from gambling

  Mohawk Food

  • The Mohawk Indians were a farming people. They had many crops that included Corn, beans, and Squash.

  • These people also gathered berries and herbs. The tribes hunters hunted Deer, Elk and fish.

  •  The Mohawk natives also cooked corn bread, soups,and stews, which was cooked on stone hearths.