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Dominique and Grace 


•·   The geography of the Anasazi's environment was very hot and dry which they used to irrigate. The anasazi's lived on plains so the they can grow crops and food ex. beans.

•·   Anasazi's set up their houses/villages near deserts

•·   The  Climate outside was very sunny and that's how they spent most of their time

•·   Many cliffs surrounded the region of the Anasazi's


Anasazi Tools

  ·   Anasazi's used tools to help them hunt and keep things inside of.

•·   Bowls and pots were very common with the Anasazis for cooking and keeping objects in for storage.

•·   Here are some of the finely crafted bowls that were hand made by these Native Americans.


Anazasi Food

  • Anasazis are known for eating mainly from the legume family.


  •   Anazasi mostly ate food like beans, one of the main foods in this legume family. Peanuts and chick peas, are also legumes.


  •   They ate the corn and beans very differently, they didn't always just eat them raw, sometimes they made soup with these foods.


  • Anasazi's ate corn as well as they did beans. This was also common for them to eat.


Anazasi Settlement

• Anasazi's set up their houses/villages near deserts.

• The climate outside was very sunny and that's how they spent most of their time.

• Many cliffs surrounded the region of the Anasazi's.

• The Anazasi set up in most parts of Arizona and new Mexico and smaller parts of Utah and Colorado.

• They used materials like stone and sun dried bricks these houses are called pueblos.


Anazasi Religion

  • The Anazasi went to the cliff to worship their gods that they praised and followed.

  • The Anazasi's loved their gods and followed in the 'choices' that they made. These were their beliefs that they lived by for many years.

  • They believed in spirits of nature such as wind, rain and thunder. At planting or harvest time the hopis and the zunis held ceremonies to insure rainfall.


  • Kachinas, or masked dancers represented the spirits. If the dance was pleasing to the spirits the the spirits would bless them with water for the upcoming harvest season.


Anasazi Clothing

  • The woman made clothing out of cotton. They got the cotton from traders. They agreed to make trades of their goods (farmed foods) for cotton and wool for their own clothes. 


  • Anasazi's used yucca leaves and blankets woven from turkey feathers to make, pants, tops, shoes and gown-like clothes.


Anasazi's home

  • Right here is a picture/example of and Anasazi home. It was built in a dry area, where Anasazi's lived for quite a very long time.

Anasazi's homes

  • Anasazi's built homes out of adobe. (sun-dried bricks)

  • They built houses that had up to eight hundred rooms and one thousand people lived in each one of the houses.

  • They had no stairways or hallways. To reach the top floors they climbed step ladders.