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The Incas

The Incas

By: Yana and Kayla



v   The Incas lived in South America near lake Titicaca and the   Andes Mountains.

v   There were many mountains around where they lived.

v   The empire was divided in to four quarters.



v     The Incas lived in South America. They started their group in southern Peru. Their emperor was mostly in Peru.

v   The Incas conquered a lot so they could keep living.

v   They settled there because they needed a place with water, food, and all the other needs.



v   The emperor lived in a dazzling palace with silver and gold walls, plates and cups.

v   A typical Incan home was a one rectangular room made of brick or stone. Without windows or chimney. Upper class homes were often larger with several rooms.

v   At night they slept on the floors around a crude stove which was made of cement and mud. In the day they spend most of the time outside.



v   The Incas were farmers. They farmed crops, squash, potatoes, beans, peppers, peanuts, and cassava.

v   The potatoes were the most important crops because it was used in a lot of the dishes.

v   Breakfast consist of corn kernels boiled herbs, chili pepper, potatoes, bread, soup or stew.   



v Woman made clothes by spinning or weaving wool or cotton. All women were dressed in the same basic fashion.

v Men wore breech clothes, sleeveless knee length tunes and cloaks or ponchos. Women wore long dresses.

v Both women and men wore sandals and long capes.


The Incas worshiped the sun. They performed religious rituals.

To worship the god the Incas lined the walls of the palace and temples with sheet of gold.

The central god for the Incas religion was the sun god. They believed there were heaven and hell and resurrection after death.


v   Incas was a confederation of tribes. They conquered and treated who ever they conquered. They rewarded any one who fought for them.

v   The Inca civilization fell in 1560 to the European expansions.

v   The Incas were the smallest group among the others.


Art and Tools 

v   The craftsmen sculpted pottery which had geometric designs painted in black, brown, red, yellow and white.

v   Their tools were made from hard stones, larger stones and bronze chisels. Some girls were though.

v   They produced good music. They made instruments out of wood, bone shelve, and metal.