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The ancient Mayans were a group of American Indian peoples who lived in southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. The Mayans were
the first people of the new world to keep historical records. 

By: Liz and Chelsea


~  The Mayans built their settlements near water holes in limestone surface

~ They lived in adobe houses with hatched roofs

~ The Mayans usually lived with their immediate family (Mother, Father and Children.)




 The main ingredients part of Mayan food was corn, beans, and squash.

~ Corn was the most important source of nutrients in Mayan food

~ Beans were a major source of proteins

~ Turkey was the only source of meat they ate

~ The major Mayan fruits consisted of apples, oranges and bananas



~  The most common clothing was breechcloth which had been wrapped around in the middle of their waist and had a sleeveless top

~ Women usually wore traje (woven multicolored blouse)

~ Women also wore a wrap around shirt that reached down to their ankles

~ Both men women and children wore sandals

~ Children did not wear any clothes



~The Mayans were polytheistic

~Their religion was founded in southern Mexico in 250 A.D.

~The Mayans main gods were: Itzamna , Kukukan Bolon Tzacab,Chak


~ The geography of the area scattered from volcanic mountains that lead to highlands

~ Mayans lived in an area that greatly varied from volcanic mountains which formed the highlands in the south

~They lived in Present day Brazil



~ The Mayans were not a unified empire

~ The Mayans adopted hierarchical system of government in 900B.C.

~ To become a king their was a sacrifice

~ Some families would rule for hundreds of years


Art, Tools, and Trade

~ The Mayans used art as a reflection of their culture and lifestyle

~ They used tools such as stone tools, pottery and sult

~ Maya produced salt from seawater, both for local use and as a valued item for trade with nearby communities.


Mayan Calendar

~The ancient Mayans invented a calendar

~The Mayan calendar was adopted by the other Mesoamerican nations, such as the Aztecs and the Toltec

~The Aztecs and the Toltec, adopted the mechanics of the calendar but changed the names of the days of the week and the months

~The Mayans had 20 days of the week

The Days of the Week