The Curse of the Bambino

The Curse started when the  Boston sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Babe was called the Bambino. After they did that Boston never won a World Series. Until the broke the curse in 2004. 

More Baseball Superstition

If you spit in your hand before you pick up your bat it gives you good luck. Another one is if you put a wad of gum on your hat it will give you good luck. If a dog walks across the diamond before the first pitch it is bad luck. Some people think it is good luck to step on one base at the end of the inning. It is bad luck to touch the foul line while running on and off the field between innings. Lending a bat to a player is a serious jinx. Some players sleep with their bats to break out of a slump or stay in a groove. 

Famous and Common Superstitions

One of them is you can't step on the foul line while taking the field. Another one is you can't talk about a no-hitter or perfect game while it is in progress.If you talk about a players great statistics it will jinx him. You can't talk about the outcome of a seven game sereis before it is over. You can't shave after winning your first playoff game. You can only chew one piece of gum per game.