Chess is a game of thought and concentration. The rules are simple but it is complicated to make the right move.  This guide will tell you the basic rules of Chess. 

There are 8 Pawns. They move forward 1 space or on their first move they can move 2 spaces on their first move.  They only move diagonal on their taking move. (If one piece is diagnol, the pawn can move to that space and take it.)  All the rest of the time they move forward one space.  If they can reach the other side of the board they can be traded for another taken piece.

The next pieces are the Rooks.  They are the 2 pieces on the ends that look like castles.  They can move forward backward left or right for unlimited squares.

The Bishop can move diagonal on one color square only.  These are good to set up far away because they can move as far as you want to move them. 

The Knight is a special piece.  They can jump over pieces in an "L" movement.  This piece is a good piece to set up attacking moves on the king with.

The Queen is the second most important piece. It can move in any direction for as most squares as you move it.

The King is the most important piece.  It can move in any direction but only for one space.  This is the most important piece because if you check mate him you win the game. A good tip is to guard him at all costs.

If you want to play this game, click here .