Baseball Field- The baseball playing field.

Catchers Glove- A heavily padded glove that all catchers wear.


Dugout- The seating next to the field where the team members not actively participating, coaches and the manager are located. Also known as the bench.


Foul Line- A chalked line that seprates fair territory from foul territory.The right foul line starts at home plate and continues to first base and then to the out field wall. The left foul line begins at home plate and continues to third base and then to the outfield wall. The interior angle formed between the left and right foul line is always 90 degrees.

Grand Slam- An offensive play where the batter hits a home run with an offensive player at each base. A grand slam adds four runs to the teams total.

Double Play- A defensive play where two outs are scored with one continous action of the ball.