Do you have what it takes to become a member of the 
Lime Kiln Know it All Club?

Try the challenges and find out! 
This is a club for students who desire to achieve "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations.  All you have to do is complete a challenge and write down your answers neatly on a piece a paper or use the online response form.  Your response must include the challenge category and number, your name and your classroom teacher's name.  Place your entry in Mrs. Rose's mailbox or hit the "send now" button on the computer.  You must be prepared to answer any questions about your information.
Choose from the Following Categories
Science   Social Studies   Math     ELA   Miscellaneous
You can quickly become a 16 square Bronze Scholar and continue on to become a 75 square Platinum Scholar. Begin as an entry-level member by completing just one challenge, and then go for the gold by earning special membership status and be part of the
Know it All Club Hall of Fame .

Good Luck and Happy Learning!
Prizes will be awarded for each level!

  Complete  Become A ...

16 Challenges

  Bronze Scholar
(Yellow Happy Face)

24 Challenges Silver Scholar
(Green Happy Face)
36 Challenges Gold Scholar
(Pink Happy Face)
44 Challenges Diamond Scholar
(Orange Happy Face)
75 Challenges Platinum Scholar
(Blue Happy Face)

A very special thanks to an AMAZING, INSPIRING teacher from Redmond, Oregon,  Mrs. Heather Renz , who allowed us to use and modify her idea.  Click her name to visit her awesome website.

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