School Safety

Pomona Middle School has a team of security guards posted on the premise. The Pomona Security Team is a diverse group with various professional backgrounds. Most of the members have been working with youngsters for over ten years and several members live in the community.  In addition, sector patrol cars from the Ramapo Police Department make routine school security checks during the week. We also have an assigned School Resource Officer on call who makes periodic school visits. It is our goal that all students and staff feel comfortable and safe at Pomona.

Members of the security team are encouraged to be proactive, by doing so, incidents have been discouraged.  Their ability to intercede and defuse situations is enhanced by their knowledge of the students in the school. As a matter of practice, the team maintains  high visibility throughout the school. 

The Pomona Security Team is responsible for supervising students; upon arrival and departure to and from school, during the change of periods and lunchtime, end of the day ELT Program and sporting activities. The goal of Pomona's administration and security sfaff is to do whatever is needed to assure the health, welfare, safety of every student and staff member.