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Extra help by Appointment

 Tuesdays 3:45 to 5:00  -  Tues Feb 27th



Extra help is for those students who behave during class!

Please make sure your child has a scientific calculator for home use.  A calculator will be provided for use in class each day.

Have many sharpened pencils,a notebook or binder with lots of clean paper in class each day.



HW #: 2-16-18Welcome Back!   QUARTER 2

HW is assigned every night. It is checked daily and may be collected without notice. Answers only are not accepted and will receive a zero . All work must be shown including the questions written out. Work must be done in pencil only!  

 Get all tests signed and return them to Mrs. Schlussel!


Math 8R- per.1,4,7,8  Show all work

Per 1,4,7,8 

New Castle Learning open for BONUS!

Take Home Test -Solving Equations- Maximum grade now a 65

Modules and yellow booklet due in class everyday. +10 points every day. If you do not bring it in its a zero for that day.

Take Home Translation Quiz overdue - 25 points off if late or lost

Take Home Consecutive Number quiz  over due (25 points off if late or lost)

Still Collecting Notebook quiz Lesson #1-24-18

Have parents sign the form in your Quarter 2 folder and return the form for 10 BONUS points for Quarter 3!

Take Home Quiz- Are these solutions and Solving Equations by eliminating the denominator-  Overdue 

Per1, 4,7,8 Yellow exit ticket booklet Lesson 7 #1,2,3

TAKE HOME  TEST  for February break due back on 2/26/18

www.castlelearning.com  Directions below

Login: ercsd.000your lunch number 

When you sign on  for the first time you can choose a password. IT MUST BE YOUR LUNCH NUMBER!!!!!

Choose Mrs. Schlussel

Choose Incomplete Assignments.

Remember Retry correct is considered full credit.



School phone number: 845 -577-6300