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New Schedule Beginning Jan 2014 

Math 7- Every other Monday 3:45 to 4:50

 Next  Extra help is: to be determined

Math 8- Algebra  Every other Monday 3:45pm to 4:50pm .

  next date- Mon 4/28/14

Additional Algebra Extra Help  Wednesdays 4/23/14- See Mrs. Schlussel first.    

Extra help is for those students who behave during class!

Math 7R -Please make sure your child has a scientific calculator class each day as well as
many sharpened pencils,a binder with lots if clean paper.

Math 8Algebra- Integrated Algebra should have a graphing calculator(TI-84 Plus) for home use.  One will be provided for class use. 


Math 8 Algebra       

Integrated Algebra Regents June 20 , 2014

  and Common Core Algebra Regents June 3, 2014

Good Studying Sources: Barron Red/White Regents Review book (Barnes and Nobles $7.99)

www.regentsprep.org  Look under Integrated Algebra

www.castlelearning.com  Do posted assignments as well as create your own.

REMEMBER to have your parents sign a permission to borrow a TI84- graphing calculator for the remainder of the school year!

HW # 4-18-14 Welcome Back!   QUARTER 4

 HW is assigned every night. It is checked daily and may be collected without notice. Answers only are not accepted and will receive a zero . All work must be shown including the questions written out. Work must be done in pencil only!  

 Get all tests signed and return them to Mrs. Schlussel!

NYS 7th and 8th grade  exams on April 30, May 1  and May 2


Math 7  Periods 1,5,7,8- HW is now worth 10 points a day!

 Buy a scientific calculator!  Bring in Pencils!

NOTEBOOK QUIZ every Friday until June.

TEXTBOOK  Per. 7  p. 264 #1-5

Holiday packet NYS exam review due Wed 4/23

 Get all tests and quizzes signed by your parent and return them to me.

CL #1 is open for Quarter 4

Earn Bonus Points by doing Castle Learning!!


Math 8 Algebra-  Period 4

Verbal Inequality Packet choose 1 from section A and 1 from Section B- must be handed in.

GREEN p. 528 #11,13 graphs for those kids that did the wrong assignment

Purple and PINK and RED regents review book smust be in class at all time.

Transformation packet must be completed to help you with 8th grade exam.


TAKE HOME UNIT TEST (Quadratic and Quadratic Linear Functions) and RED REGENTS REVIEW ON PINK DUE BACK Wed 4/23

CL #1,2 and #3(Transformation practice) is open for Quarter 4

*******CASTLE LEARNING (  See directions below)


www.castlelearning.com  Directions below

Logon: ercsd.your lunch number 

When you sign on  for the first time you can choose a password. IT MUST BE YOUR LUNCH NUMBER!!!!!!

REMEMBER THIS IS 15% of your AVERAGE. 2nd tries count as full credit!

**You can go to www.regentsprep.org CLICK on Algebra, old regents and click on scoring guide of year that you want- answers will appear but they do not have explanations. Buy the Barrons Red and White Review book where all answers are explained. **

ALL texts/ quizzes must be returned and signed by your parent/guardian.


** Math 8A www.classzone.com

Click on High School Math

Click on NY state

Click on Book

Choose icon in upper left hand corner, it says Algebra 1 2007

Click on "practice,practice, practice" "e-workbook"

Choose the topic we are working on in class for lots of interactive practice. ******


Choose the topic we are working on in class.

***Another good website for Regents practice  Math 8A is

  www.regentsprep.org - Click  Integrated Algebra (preferred) 

You can also choose Math A, Math Sequential 1 (extra practice) 

*****Barrons red and white Integrated Algebra regents review book at Barnes and Nobles is and excellent source to use for review.

E-Mail: SSchlussel.ercsd.k12.ny.us
School phone number: 845 -577-6300