Monday, February 24th, 2020
Earth Science Glossary

Click HERE for an AUDIO GLOSSARY! You can HEAR how some of the terms are pronounced! (ENGLISH AND SPANISH!!!)

Click HERE for a Spanish Glossary! (.pdf)

Click HERE for a Multilingual Glossary (13 LANGUAGES!!!) (HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL)

    1. 				Arabic	
    2. 				Bengali
    3. 				Chinese
    4. 				English
    5. 				Haitian Creole
    6. 				Hmong
    7. 				Korean
    8. 				Portuguese
    9. 				Russian
    10. 				Spanish
    11. 				Tagalog
    12. 				Urdu
    13. 				Vietnamese 

Click HERE for a Middle School Level Multilingual Earth Science Glossary