Monday, February 24th, 2020


(These are AMAZING links from your textbook's web page.)

Unit 1: Investigating Earth
Chapter 1 Earth as a System
Chapter 2 The Nature of Science
Chapter 3 Models of Earth
Unit 5: Atmosphere and Weather
Chapter 17 Atmosphere
Chapter 18 Water in the Atmosphere
Chapter 19 The Atmosphere in Motion
Chapter 20 Weather
Chapter 21 Climate and Climate Change
Unit 2: Earth's Matter
Chapter 4 Earth's Structure and Motion
Chapter 5 Atoms to Minerals
Chapter 6 Rocks
Chapter 7 Resources and the Environment
Unit 6: Earth's Oceans
Chapter 22 The Water Planet
Chapter 23 The Ocean Floor
Chapter 24 The Moving Ocean
Unit 3: Dynamic Earth
Chapter 8 Plate Tectonics
Chapter 9 Volcanoes
Chapter 10 Earthquakes
Chapter 11 Mountain Building
Unit 7: Space
Chapter 25 Earth's Moon
Chapter 26 The Sun and the Solar System
Chapter 27 The Planets and the Solar System
Chapter 28 Stars and Galaxies
Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface
Chapter 12 Weathering, Soil, and Erosion
Chapter 13 Surface Water
Chapter 14 Groundwater
Chapter 15 Glaciers
Chapter 16 Wind, Waves, and Currents
Unit 8: Earth's History
Chapter 29 Studying the Past
Chapter 30 Views of Earth's Past