Summit Park
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925 Route 45

New City, New York 10956

Phone 845/577.6290 Fax 845/362.0920

School Profile

School District : East Ramapo Central School District


About Summit Park

Summit Park Elementary, which serves students in grades 1-3, is located on Route 45 in
New City in Rockland County, New York. The principal of the school is Mrs. Kim A. Hewlett. 
The school, which is handicapped accessible, is situated in an ideal suburban setting. The East Ramapo Board of Education and Administration strongly believe that small class size enrollment will help ensure individualized
instruction and greater student achievement. The average class size of eighteen students is
generally well below that set by the Board of Education guidelines.

Student Programs and Education

The Summit Park staff is committed to providing an exemplary academic and support
program for all children. Every effort is made to include all members of our community.
Some of our programs and activities include:


Reading is taught within each classroom. Classes are heterogeneous and reading is taught
primarily by the classroom teacher. Additional support is also provided by Teaching Assistants,
VISIONS and RSVPvolunteers, Mentors, and Foster Grandparents. Our Guided Reading Program
enables children to practice strategies with the teacher's support and leads to independent
silent reading.

Special Student Services

There is a Child Study Team that is comprised of the school principal,  resource room teacher, reading specialist, speech and language therapist, school nurse and school psychologist. The purpose of this team is to review referrals made by teachers and parents for children who may be in need of special services. There are five self contained special education classes and three collaborative classes one on each grade level), serving the needs of approximately 40 disabled and multi-handicapped children. In addition, we provide programs for 110 children in speech and language, resource room, occupational therapy and physical therapy, adaptive physical education, counseling, social work and psychological services to those children in need.


Technology is integrated within the curriculum on an ongoing basis. Networked computers in
our classrooms utilize advanced technology, including the Internet. Many classrooms, including every special education room, have a Smartboard.  Summit Park is also unique in that it houses a computer lab with 25 desktop computers for teachers to bring their class in and practice word processing, research, and skills practice through web based software.  Each classroom even has its own webpage -take a look!


As part of our reading, writing and math instructional programs the following assessments
are administered:




Curriculum Area



with Running Record Component

English Language Arts

1st Grade


with Running Record Component

English Language Arts



2nd Grade


with Running Record Component


English Language Arts



3rd Grade  


with Running Record Component 


New York State ELA/Math Assessments

English Language Arts



English Language Arts and Mathematics




Building Esteem in Students Today (BEST)

This schoolwide character education program centers around specific monthly theme units and
builds on each student's character strengths. Themes such as Honesty, Caring, Conflict Resolution,
Courtesy and Responsibility help to enhance our school community.


Programs in the Arts

There are Cultural Arts programs for all grades. In addition,there are school assembly programs that
allow children to be performers as well. Third grade students are given an opportunity to participate
in enriched experiences in the arts through chorus and studio art.

Principal's List    

This is recognition for all children in grades 1-3. A child on the Principal's List has achieved the level of
"Very Good" or "Excellent" in the Personal Development section of the report card.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve (CBA) Award

This award is given to children in grades 1-3 who display academic improvement during
the school year.

Student of the Month

This award is given monthly to one child in each classroom who displays academic and/or
social excellence or improvement in a particular area.


Staff Development

Our staff members have received training in Guided Reading, Math, Technology, Learning Centers,
Running Records, Phonemic Awareness,Spector Phonics, Reading Strategies, Writing Process,Authentic
Assessment, Early Literacy Profiles, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Competence.

Classroom Programs

Teachers are involved in a variety of classroom programs which may include:

  • Inter-Grade Book Clubs and Reading Buddies
  • Adopt-a-Cop Program through Ramapo Police Officers
  • Hands-On Experience with Animals and Plant Life
  • Self-Esteem Recognition Programs(VIP, Shining Stars, Student of theWeek, Lunch Bunch, etc.)


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Summit Park's PTA is involved at the local, state and national level. PTA works very diligently to help
enrich the school experience for children. It sponsors the following programs and events: Cultural Arts,
Author's Day, Parents As Reading Partners (PARP), School Pictures, Holiday Boutique, Emergency Phone
Relays, Teacher Appreciation Day, Family Picnics, Movie Nights, Book Fairs,School Trips, and

There is an ongoing partnership and liaison between the school and community. Many programs
are joint ventures such as: Multicultural Evening, Winter Pick Me Up Night, Technology Night, Disability
Awareness Day, and Family Fun Nights.


Foster Grandparents

This program encourages senior citizens to become actively involved in the classroom, providing
tutoring, individual attention and love.


The Ramapo Police Department's "Adopt-A-Cop" program began as a pilot program in 1989,
focusing on the development of positive relationships between elementary school children,
school officials, parents and local police officers. The program is a partnership between the
Ramapo and East Ramapo School District and the Ramapo police. The program involves the
"adoption" of a police officer by an elementary school class. The officer is scheduled into class
activities and presents instruction and activities related to drug and substance abuse, Halloween
and bicycle safety, meeting strangers, emergency procedures and sexual and physical abuse.


Community members volunteer for one hour weekly to work one-on-one with an at-risk child.


Community members volunteer to read weekly for one hour with children reading below level.


Community members volunteer in classrooms to work with teachers and students,
assisting with class work or tutoring.



Summit Park Mission Statement

Our mission at Summit Park ELementary Schol is to prepare each child for the challenges of a rapidly
changing society by emphasizing the strengths of each individual, instilling respect for self and others,
providing an opportunity for our students to Conceive, Believe, and Achieve,while fostering a love for
learning in a safe, warm, nuturing, and family friendly environment.


If your mind can Conceive it and your heart truly Believes it, then you can Achieve it.


We are very proud of the picture we have presented of our school.

Summit Park takes pride in the unity of our Staff , Parents and CommUNITY working together for our children .

" R E A D T O S U C C E E D "

Total Enrollment : 480 , Kindergarten through Grade 3

Principal : Mrs. Kim A. Hewlett