Dr. Jenny Slomiany
Information for Parents

Effective Communication Techniques for Parents

The following points are tips to consider to effectively communicate with your child while teaching your child how to behave at home and at school.

1.Communicate assertively!

*Stay Calm

*State expectations in a firm direct manner

*Make eye contact and get in close proximity

*Do not argue with child

*Do not give in, keep expectations

2. Learn how to speak so children will listen!

*Make child feel like he or she is being heard

*Communicate with care and authority

*Be consistent - Back up words with actions each and every time

3. Focus on the positive!

*Reward good behavior to strengthen it

*Reward immediately following unpleasant task, such as homework or


4. Incorporate appropriate consequences!

*Make sure the punishment fits the crime

*Have your child explain why he or she was given a consequence

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