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Body Systems
Body Systems - Describes 10 systems of the body including: skeletal, digestive, muscle, lymphatic, endocrine, urinary, female reproductive, male reproductive, cardiovascular, and nervous.
Brainpop is a producer of educational animated movies that demystify science.
East Ramapo Central School District home page.
Gale Group
This is a database of magazines and newspaper articles via the internet. To use Junior Edition-K12, contact your library media specialist for a password.
How Stuff Works
Includes photographs, drawings, and animations depicting how things work. Each picture has a link to the article it came from.
This is a database of magazines and newspaper articles via the internet. Contact your library media specialist for the password.
Many links and activities for practicing French vocabulary. The topics coordinate with the French syllabus of Pomona Middle School.
Native Americans and the Land - Contains background information on Native Americans. Additional websites are available. Primary sources are also available.
An ongoing school project researching endangered animals in the world/
Online catalog and resources from the York County Library.
Paso a Paso
Educational website that compliments the Spanish textbook series Paso a Paso.
Portraits of the Presidents
Portraits of the Presidents - Learn about American presidents from Washington to Clinton.
The goal of TeenHealthFX is to provide you with a fun way to get factual health and medical information, and to help you access medical, mental health, and other support services in your community. FX's vision is to empower you to improve your health through individual responsibility.
What is health? Health is a balance between your physical, mental and social well beings. Each of these three affects the others. If all three are balanced, then wellness is achieved and health is yours.
TeensHealth was created for teens looking for honest, accurate information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.
The Faces of Science
The Faces of Science - Profiles are African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering.
The Great Plant Escape
The Great Plant Escape - Learn about plants and how they are an important part of our lives.
The White House
Interactive citizens' handbook with index of government information. Includes White House documents, history and tours.
Written Document Analysis Worksheet
Written Document Analysis Worksheet - A worksheet can be downloaded to help middle school students analyze primary source information.