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pdf File Science 9 Curriculum
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398.99 Kb 06/19/13
pdf File 1st Quarter Workbook
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2.48 MB 05/11/11
pdf File 2nd Quarter Workbook
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3.76 MB 05/11/11
pdf File 3rd Quarter Workbook
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3.11 MB 05/11/11
pdf File 4th Quarter Workbook
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3.30 MB 05/11/11
html?detoured=1&for_printing=1 File Concepts and Challenges Earth Science Website
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N/A bytes 05/11/11
com/user/metfan869#g/u File Earth Science YouTube Videos
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N/A bytes 05/12/11
pdf File Graphing in Science
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11.59 MB 05/11/11
pdf File Math Skills in Science
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649.31 Kb 05/11/11
pdf File Reading in Science
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6.22 MB 05/11/11
pdf File Reference Tables (for printing)
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1.02 MB 05/11/11
pdf File Reference Tables (individual slides)
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2.11 MB 05/11/11
html File Science 9 HANGMAN!
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N/A bytes 05/13/11