The sample lessons on this page were created by a team of East Ramapo Teachers. Our objective was to provide colleagues in the East Ramapo Central School District with a resource complete with lesson plans and student templates aligned to the district's technology grade level objectives, as well as district and state curriculum standards. These activities foster the use of technology as a learning tool where the emphasis is on the curriculum, not the technology.

The actual activities (templates) are associated with specific software applications that we currently have access to in East Ramapo.  You can download these activities (templates) on computers that have their associated software installed on the computer. There are two ways to tell what software was used to create the activity (template);

File Extensions

  1. The icon at the beginning of the table;
  2. The file extension at the end of the name
    • .doc = document (word)
    • .kid = kidspiration
    • .ppt = powerpoint
    • .mov = movie
    • .ins = inspiration
    • .xls = excel
    • .pub = publisher
    • .tl5 = timeliner 5

While the activities are organized into the categories below, they are all adaptable to different grade levels. We hope you find these lessons helpful. Please feel free to try or adapt any of these lessons in your classroom.

3rd Grade Lessons
Download Now!  The Grapes of Math Lesson Plan & Activity.doc
   Date Added: 12/14/2005
   Download Now! - (272.50 Kb)

Students will compose math picture riddles. Students will use Microsoft Power Point, download clips from the Internet and insert them into a class Power Point Project, which will be presented.