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Animations and Visual Learning Aids

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swf File Altitude of Sun vs. Latitude
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21.36 Kb 04/02/07
jpg File Celestial Sphere (blank)
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84.90 Kb 09/28/07
pdf File Celestial Sphere by Jeff Callister
Jeffrey C. Callister is a retired Earth science teacher (1998) from Newburgh Free Academy. His review book, "Brief Review in Earth Science" is published by Prentice Hall and is EXCELLENT!
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819.49 Kb 09/30/07
swf File Daylight Hours Explorer
SOURCE: http://astro.unl.edu/classaction/animations/coordsmotion/daylighthoursexplorer.html
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88.36 Kb 01/06/10
gif File Equinox Sun
Pics from: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/earthview.php
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1.90 MB 09/22/08
pl/metoc/223/19/0-0-5/1 File GULF STREAM MAP (raw data)
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N/A bytes 10/27/07
html File Ozone Hole Watch
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N/A bytes 08/21/07
jpg File Solstice / Equinox Sunrise in Athens, Greece
What's Up in Space -- 23 Sep 2006 http://www.spaceweather.com/
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42.00 Kb 09/24/06
swf File Sun Motions
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99.47 Kb 10/31/07
swf File Sun Path Simulator
SOURCE: http://astro.unl.edu/naap/motion3/sunpaths.html
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45.11 Kb 10/23/09
swf File Sun Path, Cel. Equator (University of Nebraska)
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99.47 Kb 05/16/07
pdf File Sun Paths Worldwide Strahler
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235.65 Kb 05/01/13
swf File Drawing the Sun's Path
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9.45 Kb 5/29/2006
mov File Electromagnetism (.mov)
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4.01 MB 1/17/2006
mov File Electromagnetism (more) (.mov)
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2.61 MB 1/17/2006
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3.03 Kb 08/18/06
swf File Latitude vs. Sun Rise/Set
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159.75 Kb 10/14/2005
pdf File Length of Day Graphs
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35.50 Kb 6/01/2005
gif File orographic.gif
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482.30 Kb 07/26/06
gif File Orographic Lifting - Cascade Mountains (Washington State)
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1.15 MB 4/27/2005
gif File Rain Shadow Desert - Southeastern California
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1.38 MB 4/27/2005
xls File Random REAL Climograph Maker
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1.83 MB 5/22/2006
swf File Seasonal Views of Earth from Space FLASH
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448.98 Kb 8/19/2004
swf File seasons.swf
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539.97 Kb 07/25/06
swf File solarAngle.swf
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12.67 Kb 07/25/06
gif File Spring Valley vs. Sydney, Australia (temp)
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24.46 Kb 4/18/2006
swf File Sun's Path: 15° per hour
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6.94 Kb 5/20/2006
swf File Sunlight and the Seasons FLASH
Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 53, n. 2, March, 2005, p. 217-218. http://www.nagt.org/files/nagt/jge/columns/webres-v53p217.pdf
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13.40 Kb 9/17/2004
swf File The Changing Path of the Sun FLASH
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74.41 Kb 9/16/2004
swf File The Path of the Sun, Polaris, the Seasons, and Latitude
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275.43 Kb 7/12/2005
swf File The Path of the Sun on the Celestial Sphere
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39.84 Kb 5/14/2005
gif File The Seasonal Distribution of Sunlight on Earth
Source of Images: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/
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1014.12 Kb 5/14/2005
swf File What Factors Affect Rates of Temperature Change? FLASH
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28.31 Kb 10/17/2004