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Animations and Visual Learning Aids

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jpg File ESRT - Igneous Minerals by Steve Kluge
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189.14 Kb 08/04/07
pdf File ESRT Granite
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157.93 Kb 10/21/11
jpg File glacier_columbia_1980.jpg
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299.32 Kb 04/30/10
jpg File Gneiss Stripes
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256.28 Kb 04/18/08
jpg File Haiti: Geologic Map
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276.32 Kb 07/19/07
pdf File Mineral ID Flow Chart
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29.37 Kb 09/25/06
html File Minerals (Tasa)
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N/A bytes 08/15/11
jpg File Mohs Scale of Hardness
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285.42 Kb 04/12/08
jpg File STRATA.grand.canyon.jpg
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1.13 MB 10/16/12
gif File Crystal Forms
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62.27 Kb 10/13/2005
swf File ESRT - Igneous Rock FLASH
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877.94 Kb 8/15/2004
swf File ESRT - Metamorphic Rock FLASH
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2.75 MB 9/07/2004
swf File ESRT - Properties of Common Minerals FLASH
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1.51 MB 9/13/2004
swf File ESRT - Sedimentary Rock FLASH
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2.11 MB 8/17/2004
swf File Geology of Rockland County, New York FLASH
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957.68 Kb 11/30/2004
wmv File Igneous Rocks (.wmv)
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3.71 MB 1/17/2006
wmv File Metamorphic Rocks (.wmv)
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1.88 MB 1/17/2006
pdf File Minerals and Rocks from Regents Exams
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3.56 MB 2/05/2005
pdf File Mystery Rock!!!
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2.33 MB 10/17/2005
wmv File Rock Cycle (.wmv)
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1.41 MB 1/17/2006
wmv File Sedimentary Rocks (.wmv)
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3.53 MB 1/17/2006
jpg File Sedimentary Rocks on Mars!
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1.29 MB 6/12/2006
jpg File Sediment Particle Size
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134.79 Kb 10/28/2005
swf File The Metamorphism of Granite into Gneiss
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428.60 Kb 6/01/2005
jpg File Vesicular Rocks on Mars!
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184.27 Kb 6/12/2006